Switching to Linux

Switching to Linux

Why switch to Linux:
  • It's free
  • It's more secure
  • It's a more efficient Operating System than Windows
  • Most windows applications have free linux alternatives

    Things to be aware of in switching to Linux:
  • - Ocassional lack of driver support (although this is becoming less of a problem)
  • - requires some thought in migrating your data from Windows
  • - it requires more work to get your games working under it.

    What distribution of Linux should I use?
    Have a look at Distrowatch but I'd reccomend Ubuntu to new users.

    What Linux program should I now use instead of the Windows/Apple one I used to use?
    Type of ApplicationOn WindowsLinux Equivilent
    CD/DVD BurningNero,RoxioGnomebaker k3b Brasero
    Video EditingAvidOpenShot Diva Avidemux LiVES Kinodv PiTiVi
    Audio EditingPro ToolsAudacity Ardour
    Multi-track RecordingGarage BandJokosher
    Music SequencerFruity LoopsLMMS
    Midi SequencerCubaseRosegarden
    Image EditingPhotoshopGimp
    Photo Stitching?Hugin
    PDF ViewingAcrobatEvince Xpdf
    DVD/Movie ViewingPowerDVD,MediaPlayerDemocracy Player mplayer Totem xine VLC
    Audio PlayerWinampxmms Rhythmbox
    Desktop WidgetsYahoo WidgetsgDesklets SuperKarmaba adesklets
    Anti-VirusNAV etc..ClamAV

    Running Windows Games on LinuxCedega
    Running DOS Games on LinuxDOSBox
    Running Windows Programs on LinuxWine CrossOver Office

    Office SuiteMS OfficeOpenOffice
    Project ManagementMS ProjectOpenProj

    EmailEudora/OutlookThunderbird Evolution sylpheed
    Web BrowserFirefox/Internet ExplorerFirefox
    IRC ClientmircXchat
    Instant MessagingICQ/Jabber/MSNPidgin (previously called GAIM)
    File CompressionWinzipPeaZip Bluezip File Roller
    Hard Disk PartitioningPartition MagicPartition Logic
    HTML EditorDreamweaverNvu

    IT Professionals:
    LDAP BrowserSofterra LDAP Admin Luma Frood Eye of Newt Ldap Browser
    Disk ImagingSymantec GhostPartimage Clonezilla

    Upcoming Releases I like to keep an eye on:
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  • [Ubuntu] Releases, Schedule
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  • [Mozilla] Firefox Features and Schedule

  • [Wine]
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  • References to check out:
  • OS News (operating system news)
  • Distrowatch (linux distributions)
  • Icewalkers (Linux Package Update News)
  • Slashdot (geek news)
  • Digg (geek news)
  • The Register (geek news)
  • freshmeat.net (find linux applications)
  • Gnome News

  • Planet Gnome [blogs]
  • Linus' Blog

  • Linux/OpenSource Phones:
  • Librem Linux Phone
  • Postmarketos
  • Tizen